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Our Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Advisory Services aim to provide both public and private entities with expert guidance on the formation, management, and execution of PPP agreements.
Key Components
Service Methodology
1. Feasibility Studies: Comprehensive analysis of the proposed partnership's viability.
2. Contract Structuring: Drafting and designing the PPP contract.
3. Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitating communication between public and private entities.
4. Performance Monitoring: Ongoing evaluation of the partnership's effectiveness.
1. Governance Structure: Establishing roles, responsibilities, and oversight mechanisms.
2. Legal Compliance: Ensuring the partnership adheres to all relevant laws and regulations.
3. Dispute Resolution: Mechanisms to resolve conflicts that may arise during the partnership.
1. Implementation Plan: Detailed roadmap for the roll-out of the partnership.
2. Status Updates: Regular reports on the progress and performance of the partnership.
3. Post-Completion Assessment: Evaluation of the partnership�s impact and effectiveness.

Public-Private Partnership Advisory

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