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At RS&Co, our financial feasibility analysis service is designed to empower property owners, developers, and investors with the critical insights needed to make informed decisions on their real estate projects. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and analytical expertise, we meticulously evaluate every aspect of your project's financial performance, including revenue projections, cost estimates, financing options, and key performance metrics. Our comprehensive analysis goes beyond the numbers by also assessing potential risks, conducting sensitivity analyses, and providing actionable recommendations to optimize your project's financial viability. Allow RS&Co to guide you through the complexities of real estate finance, ensuring your project is set up for success from the start. RS&Co�s thorough financial analysis includes:
Estimating potential revenues from the project, considering factors such as rental income, sales prices, and absorption rates, based on market research and comparable developments.
A preliminary conceptual estimate of costs associated with the project, including land acquisition, construction, design, permitting, financing, other soft costs, and ongoing expenses such as property management, maintenance, and taxes.
A Cash Flow Analysis to project the inflows and outflows of funds throughout the development process, from pre-development to stabilization or disposition.
Determination of the appropriate financing structure for the project, including the mix of debt and equity, interest rates, loan terms, and other relevant financial conditions.
A sensitivity analysis assessing the project's performance under various scenarios, such as changes in market conditions, construction costs, or financing terms. 
A Break-Even Analysis to identify the break-even point for the project - the minimum occupancy or sales level required to cover all costs and generate a positive cash flow.
If a preliminary financial underwriting model is available based on an identified site and development program, RS&Co can analyze the client's underwriting model as follows:
Review and Validate Assumptions, Calculations and Formulas
Evaluate Key Metrics such as NOI, cash-on-cash return, IRR, and ROI
Sensitivity Analysis under various scenarios
Risk Assessment
Review Financing Structure
Provide Recommendations for adjusting project parameters to enhance financial feasibility.

Financial Feasibility Analysis

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