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Our Development Program Management services offer end-to-end solutions for multi-project real estate initiatives. From pre-development activities to project closeout, we provide a structured approach to managing complex portfolios effectively.
Key Components
Service Methodology
1. Strategic Planning: Formulation of long-term and short-term plans for the entire development program.
2. Program Initiation: Definition and alignment of the individual projects within the overall program.
3. Execution and Monitoring: Coordinated management of multiple projects, ensuring alignment with program goals.
4. Program Closure: Ensuring all projects are completed, benefits are realized, and learnings are captured for future programs.
1. Program Governance: Establishing the framework for decision-making, roles, and responsibilities.
2. Financial Management: Portfolio-level budgeting and financial performance monitoring.
3. Resource Management: Efficient allocation and management of resources across projects.
1. Performance Dashboards: Real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) across all projects.
2. Compliance Audits: Regular audits to ensure all projects comply with legal and quality standards.
3. Post-Program Evaluation: Analysis of program outcomes and benefits realization.

Development Program Management

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