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RS&Co's Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) service offers an unparalleled advantage for property owners and investors looking to maximize the potential of their commercial real estate assets. Our team of experienced professionals meticulously crafts each CIM by combining in-depth market analysis, financial insights, and a compelling narrative that highlights the unique aspects of your property. By presenting your investment opportunity in the best light, we ensure that it stands out in a competitive market. Trust RS&Co to deliver a meticulously prepared and confidential CIM that not only protects your sensitive information but also captivates the interest of potential investors or buyers, ensuring the highest level of interest and engagement from potential investors paving the way for a successful transaction. RS&Co's memorandums typically include the following sections: Confidentiality Agreement Executive Summary Property Description Location and Accessibility Photos and Maps Market Overview Financial Information Operating & Marketing Plan Terms of the Offering. *The fees above are exclusive of market analyses, financial modeling and feasibility, should those analyses and reports be completed by third parties and provided by the Client. In the event the market analysis and financial feasibility not be available, RS&Co will provide a proposal to include those products in addition to the CIM.

Confidential Information Memorandum

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